In line with government advice we will continue to keep safe. View the fact sheet below for more information regarding our elective surgery and procedure guidelines.

New Patient Registration Form

All new patients are required to complete a patient registration form at their first consultation. You may print this form and bring it completed to the appointment.

It is in your best interests to detail the patient’s medical history as accurately as possible. We can assist you on arrival if required. The patient’s medical records remain confidential and will not be disclosed without permission. Our privacy policy is available to all patients and carers on arrival.

To help us care for you our preference is for patients to complete and email this form together with their referral, xrays and medical history back to our rooms prior to their appointment. Alternatively you can bring the form and other medical information with you to your appointment.

Essendon Day Procedure Centre Admission Information

The healthcare facility is a fully accredited day procedure centre and has successfully achieved National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard certification.

At the Essendon Day Procedure Centre procedures are performed using local anaesthesia, or local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation (sometimes referred to as twilight anaesthesia). The anaesthetic will be administered by a specialist anaesthetist whose clinical privileges have been approved by the Medical Advisory Committee and verified by a number of regulatory bodies including AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency). The anaesthetist’s fees are partly claimable under Medicare and private health insurance. Following the procedure, highly trained and experienced nursing staff will provide post operative care.

Every effort will be made to inform you of any out of pocket fees or co-payments prior to the surgery date.  The facility fee for the Essendon Day Procedure Centre must be paid on the day. Payments can be made by cash or EFTPOS. Where possible our staff will endeavour to claim the facility fee directly from your private health insurer.

For procedures undertaken at the Essendon Day Procedure Centre, the time of arrival will be detailed at consultation and confirmed a few days prior to admission.

Patient Discharge Information

All patients will receive postoperative instructions, emergency telephone numbers, a work and/or carer’s certificate upon request, gauze and an irrigating syringe if indicated.  Discharge medications may be prescribed and must be taken as directed. Following a sedation anaesthesia patients must have a responsible adult to escort them and care for them at home.  The patient carer details are to be included on the Admission Information Form.

Our staff can arrange a postoperative appointment for you. There is generally no charge for this visit.

Please call us if you need to change an appointment time.

Patients Rights

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights is accessible online or on arrival at our rooms. In order to understand your rights and responsibilities go to

An extract of our Complaints-Policy-Extract guidelines is attached for your information.

Management  welcome opportunities to learn and be educated by patients and visitors.  If you have an suggestion how we might improve our care or service for yourself, a relative or friend please contact our office on 93262666.

Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set

We invite you to participate in a patient survey that has been designed for use in Australia to measure consumers' experiences in hospital. Your views are very important in helping Essendon Day Procedure Centre and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to identify things that need to be improved in our approach to patient care.