Essendon Day Procedure Centre

CLinical results

Clinical Indicator Results Jan - Dec 2021

There were

no post operative infections recorded

no return to theatre

no adverse drug reactions recorded

no unplanned or emergency transfers of patients

no incident recorded

no delays in discharge

no pre-operative cancellation

no falls


all patients had a pre-anaesthetic consultation

all medication allergies were identified

all patients had a medical consultation and consent completed prior to treatment

Hand Hygiene Results 2021

The Benchmark in Australia in 2021 was 87% compliance with the 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene Australia

At the Essendon Day Procedure Centre we have achieved in excess of the national average. A compliance rate we are extremely proud of.  Please let us know if you would like any further information about our Hand Hygiene achievements.

EDPC News Flash 2020

Essendon Day Procedure Centre (EDPC) is a standalone day procedure centre with 1 procedure room and 6 bed/recliners and is registered with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria.

On the 1st February 2019, the EDPC was independently audited against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, Version 2, by Global Mark Pty. Ltd. We are extremely proud to report we are again the first healthcare facility in Australia to be awarded certification against the  standards. 

Infection Prevention

The Essendon Day Procedure Centre has maintained best practice in infection prevention since it opened in 1998.  Since this time, management and staff have continued to strive for the best healthcare outcomes for our patients. Management continues to maintain an up to date risk management plan that incorporates the response to COVID-19, ensuring compliance with transmission     

In 2021, 252 patients were admitted for procedures under sedation with local anaesthetic at the Essendon Day Procedure Centre.   During this period there were no reported cases of post-operative infection.

In 2021 the EDPC has continued to work with Infection Prevention Australia, IPA who independently review the infection prevention management systems and processes.

IPA, principle consultant Michelle Bibby is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years’ experience in the area of infection prevention and peri operative services. Over the past 12 months Michelle has completed a risk assessment based on the AS 4187:2014, reviewed hand hygiene compliance, staff health, provided aseptic education programs, reviewed environmental services including waste management and cleaning practices. The feedback and results continue to affirm the centre provides infection prevention practices to the highest standard ensuring compliance with standard and transmission based precautions to keep you and the community safe.


The Essendon Day Procedure Centre has agreements with most major health funds and is a recognised Second Tier facility as listed  by the Australian Government- Department of Health.  


We hope that this information is of benefit and reassuring to you.  Please feel free to add a suggestion to any aspects of our care or service by completing the enquiry form on the Contact Us Page.


I honestly can’t say a bad thing my experience was great



Everything seemed to run smoothly, especially with the COVID 19 precautions needing to be taken.


Exception Experience

I had a great experience, all the staff were great, I had a bit of a laugh while I was in. Everything was very well explained and my recovery went well. Thanks!


Everything was as planned.

The explanation provided by my surgeon about what to expect was accurate.